Taurus Woman and Cancer Man

Taurus woman and Cancer man make compatible pair with one another as they share similar traits and requirements. They can have problems due to her rigid nature and his moody nature sometimes but usually they make peaceful lovers for each other.


Taurus woman: Taurus woman is caring, sensitive and intelligent woman. She is determined to do well in her personal as well as professional life. She also put fair amount of hard work to achieve her dreams. She believes in practical side of life and may prefer traditional methods to work as she doesn’t like to take unnecessary risks. She generally possesses good amount of tolerance but she can display really angry side of her if she loses her mind. She would like to have man who is tough, intelligent and can understand her sensitive side too.    

Cancer man: Cancer man is creative, emotional and strives for success. He is careful enough to avoid any mistakes. He is also sensitive person who understand feelings of other people. He will never hurt anyone purposely but he may hurt people unknowingly with his dominating nature. He can also be good leader. Cancer man can become moody sometimes thus he looks detached or shy of mixing with other people. He will take time to adjust with his surroundings but once he has settled down he will have good time.

Taurus Woman and Cancer Man

Taurus woman and Cancer man relationship starts slowly but they develop trust and affection for each other as they understand their personalities. Cancer man sometimes show shy nature but Taurus woman can cheer him up but when Cancer man is in full mood he can give dose of entertainment to her with his witty nature. She likes his creativeness and she never forgets to appreciate him. Cancer man also feels secure with much stable and caring nature of Taurus woman. He may feel that Taurus woman is becoming little tough on him but he will have to accept her dominance if he really want to be with her. He should also feel free to express his feeling to her.

Taurus Man and Gemini Woman Cancer man tends to become good choice for Taurus woman as he is adaptive and giving in nature. He can complete her all physical and mental demands easily. He can also provide easy solutions to her with his intelligent mind. He can show detached nature sometimes but she tends to overlook it as she bonds closer to him. He pours romance and love on her and keeps her closer to him. She also enjoys the possessiveness shown Cancer man. When Taurus woman and Cancer man both commit to each other there are chances that they may change their original nature.

Cancer in love with Taurus woman leaves his shyness and dreamy nature while Taurus woman shows flexibility to adjust with him. Cancer can learn to be more practical in the company of Taurus woman. Taurus woman and Cancer man can have some problems in their peaceful life when they don’t see their partners fulfilling their needs. Cancer man likes the stable and tolerant nature of Taurus woman but he can get furious when she becomes inexpressive.

Taurus woman likes the loving and ambitious nature of Cancer man but she can get annoyed when he shows detached nature. When they fall in debates they Taurus woman fails to respond to him while he may keep distance with him to let things calm down to normal. Taurus woman and Cancer man will need to mutually solve their problems in order to make their relationship long lasting.

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