Taurus Man and Cancer Woman

Taurus man and Cancer woman relationship makes the combination of stable earth and nurturing water. They both find common needs in each other try to fulfill them. Problems may come when Taurus losses his temper and Cancer woman shows some moodiness. They generally have good understanding thus these problems don’t stay for long time.

Taurus man: Taurus man is hard working and equally intellectual. He has great strength, patience and practical view of life. He is caring and calm in nature. He likes to follow tried and tested methods rather than wasting time while trying to find new way. They may become too much traditional and rigid to change their mindset with others. He can show bad temper if anyone tries to force them to change. He likes to work slowly and steadily.  


Cancer woman: Cancer woman is emotional and caring woman. She is very kind and affectionate towards other people. She would help people with whatever she has. She is creative and career oriented woman. She can be ambitious and independent woman. She likes having financial stability thus he tries her best to save maximum part of income. She seeks romantic and caring lover. She may have moody and unstable nature. She likes to be around family and friends and make very good caretaker.

Taurus Man and Cancer Woman

Taurus man wants to be loved and cared by his lover but he can’t express his feelings to Cancer woman. Cancer woman who is naturally giving doesn’t need him to ask for love; she takes good care of him. She wants just a tough guy like Taurus to be her lover and easily commits to him. She has creative mind which can generate even better ideas than Taurus but she understands his need to make his own decisions and supports him through every difficult time.

Taurus Man and Cancer Woman Cancer woman does her every work graciously and slowly while Taurus man also prefers to do things in full details which take time to complete his every task. Due to such closely related work style he can also learn about her moody nature. With Taurus man, Cancer woman feels safe and secured. They both are capable of understanding and then fulfilling each other needs which makes them even good partners. Her moody nature can create some mess sometimes in their relationship which can annoy Taurus man but generally his tolerance to such things and caring nature solves such issues.

In Taurus man and Cancer woman relationship, Taurus man finds loving partner while Cancer woman finds stable and strong lover. Taurus man and Cancer woman both want to settle down with each other and start their marriage life happily. Taurus man and Cancer woman both will succeed in their individual life and will extend their hand to help their partners.

Taurus man and Cancer woman may suffer from some minor problems in their relationship. Cancer woman often has some insecurity which makes her moody; she may also hide her emotions from him. This nature will not be tolerated by Taurus man. She likes living independently and can also become dominating on Taurus man but this will only make him angry. She will have to deal with him patiently. If they can give each other chance to take lead in their relationship and leave their moodiness behind then they can have peaceful relationship with one another. 


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